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INTRODUCTION:- HKC Management Solutions is one of the most reliable and reputed ESIC & PF Consultancy firm engaged in the business providing consultancy in all ESIC & EPF related matters to both services & non-services industries. We have been in this business since year 2000. HKC Management Solutions is a Delhi based ESIC & PF consultancy firm maintaining of records over 300 Clients.



– Post Graduate (PGDPM) and a professional consultants having experience in the area of salary processing, ESIC and PF for the past fifteen years, is co-founder and the partner of the company. He is also practicing as a full time ESIC & PF consultant.


We provide ESI & PF consultation service and support to carryout and implement ESI & PF related work. We have a team of highly knowledgeable, proficient and dedicated professionals. Every commercial establishment/factory is liable to implement of ESIC & EPF Act as per State/Central Govt. HKC Management Solutions provides you a distinctive and absolute way to get rid of all your ESIC & PF related problems.

Details of Current Services are:

	•Preparation/Processing of Monthly Salary.
	•Maintenance  of   Registers  &  Records.
	•Preparation & Submission of Challans.
	•Preparation  & Submission of Returns.
	•Inspections & Assessments of Records.
	•Settlement of Claim & Demand  Cases.
	•Online  Compliance   of   ESIC  &   PF.
	•Employee's Full & Final Settlement (FFS).
	•Establishment’s  Registration  under Labour  Law.
	•Employee’s   Registration    under   Labour   Law.
	•To Update  Latest Amendments  of  Labour  Law.
	•Correspondence  &  Reply  to  Related  Authority.
	•ESIC  &   PF  Internal   Audit   &   Report  (MIS).
	•PF UAN allotment & KYC Process.
	•PF Transfer & Withdrawal Process.
	•Solving  Employer's  ESI  &  PF  Related Queries.
	•To  Advice  of   Implementation  of  Labour  Law.
	•To  Advice &   Assist  in  Recruitment  Policy and
	•Supervision of  ESI & PF Related HR Activity, 
	(Charges depend on Services Selection)

Future Services

We will launch following services in future:-
            1.	Labour Matters. 
            2.	Outsourcing.
            3.	Payroll TDS 
            4.	Management Training.

Our Services Tools

	•Our Latest Payroll Software.
	•Our Expert Team..
	•Work Time Punctuality. 
	•Client Information Confidentially.
	•Latest Computerized Work.
	•Good Client Relationship.
	•100% Accurate, lawful & Computerized Work

Laws Related to Employee Hiring in India :


	•The Payment of Wages Act 1936. 
	•The Minimum  Wages  Act  1948. 
	•The Payment of Bonus Act 1965.

Social Security :

	•The Workmen’s  Compensation  Act 1923.
	•The Employee’s State Insurance Act 1948.*
	•The Employee’s Provident Fund Act 1952.*
	•The   Payment  of  Gratuity  Act  1972.

Employment & Working Conditions :

	•The Factories Act 1948.
	•The Contract Labour Act 1970.
	•The Shops and Establishment Act 1954

Equality & Women Employment :

	•The Labour Welfare Act 2005* 
	•The Maternity Benefits Act 1961.
	•The Equal Remuneration Act 1976.

*current services.

(HKC MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS helping in any labour Act to be enforced)

Professional Fees

We offer our services on both annual retainer ship as well as assignment based. The Professional charges are subject to finalization based on volume & nature of the assignments.

Management Level

Our experienced staff will regularly visit your establishment and will take care of all the formalities.

If you are looking for an affordable ESI/ PF consultant to manage your record management service, Please contact HKC Management Solutions today which is an establish Labour management firm in New Delhi.


Besides offering the best quality and turnaround timings, lowest possible cost, efficient customer service and continuous process improvement, HKC MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS believes in building client trust in terms of managing client information confidentially. HKC MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS is committed to its work in consonance with the systems and expectations of its clients, keeping in view their requirements to be able to provide excellent service to that end customer. HKC MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS believes in continuous review of the process followed accompanied by regular improvements. HKC MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS wishes to capture a good share of the business generating in the Consultancy Services Industry by focusing on Quality, Timing, Confidentiality and Cost.

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